Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Is Size Important?

It's not just condition that matters!

I just read article in the California Association Of Real Estate Magazine that spoke to Millennials regretting their real estate choices.
If nothing else I think this speaks poorly to the education and guidance provided by their agents.
Sure an agent is supposed to maintain an objective view but a more experienced agent can give the pros and cons when considering what to buy.
In my 43 years as a licensee I can only remember one time a client regretted her decision to purchase the house she eventually bought. And this was after a thorough discussion on remodeling costs and her financial ability to get these jobs done. My wife, Cheryl, as you probably know by now is a CPA and spends a significant amount of time educating our clients on fiscal matters and future needs.
Of course the final decision is always the clients.
The article states that about 44 percent of Americans regret their current home choice or the process they went through to get it.
If that's not bad enough, 71 percent of millennials were the most likely generation to regret their home-buying decisions compared to 28% or baby boomers.
More than 1/3 said that they wished that they had picked a different sized-home with 29% wishing that they had picked a larger home.
Just because a real estate agent has experience selling homes doesn't mean that they have the expertise or experience to advise and consult with their clients.

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